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Here are the 32 lakes we have listed within USA > New England > Vermont - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Amherst Lake
(Vermont, USA)
2,057 Amherst Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Amherst, Plymouth Pond
One of four scenic lakes alongside Route 100, Amherst Lake is a picturesque spot to enjoy a vacation. Every traveler along the main route through the Eastern Vermont Gateway region has likely marveled at the sight of the pristine lake directly east of the highway. It's a sight skiers on their way to ...
Lake Raponda
(Vermont, USA)
1,832 Lake Raponda Pictures Lake Raponda Message Forums Occupying a prime spot in the recreational haven of the Southern Vermont Region, Lake Raponda has welcomed generations of visitors to its pleasant shores. The natural lake was entertaining resort-goers by 1890 with the opening of the first Lake Raponda Hotel. Not long after, the Raponda House Hotel ...
Bald Hill Pond
(Vermont, USA)
1,798 Bald Hill Pond Message Forums Bald Hill Pond earns a "3-S" rating! The three 'S's, solitude, silence and serenity, fit this Northeast Kingdom region lake to a 'T'. The small 105-acre pond lies almost entirely within the Bald Hill Wildlife Management Area, assuring the majority of those visiting its waterfront will be looking for ...
Lake Ninevah
(Vermont, USA)
1,755 Lake Ninevah Message Forums Lake Ninevah is a well-kept secret in the Eastern Vermont Gateway region. Only about a dozen cottages grace the shore of the 170-acre lake. The rest is protected land under the care of the Ninevah Foundation, a local land conservancy. The few private lots on the lake have been developed under the control ...
Spruce Lake
(Vermont, USA)
1,660 Spruce Lake Message Forums Also known as: Spruce Pond
For a fortunate few, Spruce Lake is a peaceful and scenic retreat. Located in Deerfield Valley in the Southern Vermont tourism region, this 20-acre private lake provides a woodland escape only miles from two of Vermont's bustling tourist destinations. Almost equidistant from Bennington to the west and ...
Chittenden Reservoir
(Vermont, USA)
1,495 Chittenden Reservoir Pictures Chittenden Reservoir Message Forums Eight miles northeast of the town of Rutland, Chittenden Reservoir is a hidden gem. The 750-acre reservoir is surrounded by Green Mountain National Forest in the midst of the Crossroads of Vermont region. The reservoir was developed in 1909 by damming East Creek for power generating purposes. Because ...
Lake Whitingham
(Vermont, USA)
1,490 Lake Whitingham Message Forums Also known as: Harriman Reservoir
Lake Whitingham is located near Vermont Route 100, which was highly praised by National Geographic as one of ten most scenic highways in America. Nestled in Southern Vermont, Lake Whitingham, also known as Harriman Reservoir, provides a stunning setting any time of year-- from the lush greenery of ...
Caspian Lake
(Vermont, USA)
1,401 Caspian Lake Message Forums Tucked into Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, Caspian Lake may well be one of the state's favorite vacation destinations. Set among the northern reaches of the Green Mountains, Caspian Lake has attracted summer visitors for many years. The shoreline is dotted with year-round residences, summer cottages and ...
Shadow Lake
(Vermont, USA)
1,394 Shadow Lake Pictures Shadow Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Shadow
Nestled in the heart of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, Shadow Lake is encased in beauty all year long with dazzling autumns and stunning springs. Shadow Lake is located in Orleans County in the Town of Glover, Vermont. Originally charted to 62 Grantees, the Town of Glover was named in honor of General ...
Lowell Lake
(Vermont, USA)
1,353 Lowell Lake Pictures Lowell Lake Message Forums Also known as: Great Pond
One of Vermont's newest state parks is the home of Lowell Lake. The small 102-acre lake has been a silent observer to the entire history of the town of Londonderry and the Southern Vermont region. Although dammed at some point, apparently to power a sawmill, it is suspected that a smaller natural lake ...
Lake Seymour
(Vermont, USA)
1,280 Lake Seymour Pictures Lake Seymour Message Forums Also known as: Seymour Lake
Breathtaking autumns and vibrant springs await visitors and residents of Lake Seymour, also known as Seymour Lake. Located in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, with 1,769 surface acres of water, Lake Seymour is the second largest lake entirely within the borders of Vermont. Seymour Lake is nestled in Orleans ...
Lake Eden
(Vermont, USA)
1,237 Lake Eden Pictures Lake Eden Message Forums Also known as: Eden Lake
Vermont is home to some stunning lakes, including Lake Eden, named after a town with the same name. The Town of Eden was chartered to 72 Green Mountain Boys who fought in the Revolutionary War in hopes it would become a "Biblical Eden" or paradise to those who settled there. The region is full of ...
Island Pond
(Vermont, USA)
1,172 Island Pond Message Forums One of Vermont's northernmost lakes is Island Pond. Tucked in the Northeast Kingdom Region, Island Pond is only 15 miles south of the Canadian border. Because of the distances to major cities, the area is sparsely populated. This wasn't always so: in an earlier, more agrarian culture, Essex County supported ...
Lake Willoughby
(Vermont, USA)
1,169 Lake Willoughby Pictures Also known as: Willoughby Lake
Lake Willoughby is one of those special lakes that are rarely found in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. The action of prehistoric glaciers gouged out a portion of high ridges to create Mount Hor and Mount Pisgah. Between these landmark mountains, glaciations left an exceedingly deep lake: Lake Willoughby. ...
Lake Elmore
(Vermont, USA)
1,142 Lake Elmore Pictures Lake Elmore Message Forums Also known as: Elmore Pond, Meades Pond
The local slogan, "Beauty Spot of Vermont," suits Lake Elmore to a 'T'. This lovely lake nestles beneath Mt. Elmore in the Stowe/Smugglers' Notch region of Vermont, drawing nature lovers like a magnet. The area is best known as a premier ski area but the many lakes, ponds, villages, hiking and cycling ...
Lake Groton
(Vermont, USA)
1,077 Lake Groton Pictures Lake Groton Message Forums Also known as: Groton Pond
Nestled snugly among heavily forested mountains, Lake Groton has been a favorite summer getaway for generations of 'camp' owners. Over 400 acres of water enclosed within nearly six miles of rocky shoreline make Groton Pond, as it is also known, the ideal hideaway for a summer cottage or hunting camp. ...
Lake Pauline
(Vermont, USA)
1,077 Lake Pauline Pictures Lake Pauline Message Forums Also known as: Reservoir Pond
Lake Pauline is a great example of creating an asset out of a by-product of technology. This small lake in Vermont's Southern Windsor County region was created as a reservoir pond when the Black River was dammed. Although the larger part of the pond is located near the Lake Rescue dam, the narrow southern ...
Echo Lake
(Vermont, USA)
1,060 Echo Lake Message Forums Echo Lake has been the summer destination of the discerning resort visitor for over a hundred years. Echo Lake is one of a group of lakes called the Plymouth Lakes in south central Vermont. Bordering the Green Mountains, these lakes - Echo, Amherst, Rescue and Pauline - provided the setting for a number ...
Lake Rescue
(Vermont, USA)
1,043 Lake Rescue Message Forums An early morning mist settles over Lake Rescue, a quiet Vermont lake, as a dog bounds through a dense barrier of trees along the shoreline. A tennis ball skitters into the water as the canine takes a stretching leap into the water, weaving its way through the mist while scenting the toy. The animal ...
Lake Salem
(Vermont, USA)
961 Lake Salem Message Forums Also known as: Big Salem Lake, Little Salem Lake
Salem Lake is nestled in Vermont's breathtaking Northeast Kingdom and consists of Big Salem Lake and Little Salem Lake. Hayward Road Bridge spans the channel between the two lakes. Located in the Town of Derby, Salem Lake is a recreational paradise and can be enjoyed any time of year. Autumn brings ...
Crystal Lake
(Vermont, USA)
945 Crystal Lake Pictures Crystal Lake Message Forums Crystal Lake is an outstanding jewel in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. For those who are not native to Vermont, hearing that there is a Northeast Kingdom in the state is a surprise. Located in the northeast corner of the state near New Hampshire and the Canadian border, Vermont's Northeast Kingdom is ...
Harveys Lake
(Vermont, USA)
892 Harveys Lake Pictures Harveys Lake Message Forums Also known as: Harvey's Lake, Harvey Lake, Lake Harvey
Harveys Lake may be one of the best-kept water secrets in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. The 350-acre lake has no publicly advertised amenities, making its main users the property owners and guests of the two campgrounds and resorts. Originally a smaller lake, the surface area increased when a dam was ...
Lake Fairlee
(Vermont, USA)
679 Lake Fairlee Message Forums Lake Fairlee is a lake where memories are made. The 450-acre lake in the Eastern Vermont Gateways region is a natural lake, enlarged by damming a tributary of Ompompanoosuc River in 1939. Actually, Lake Fairlee is the second water body to hold the Fairlee name; nearby Lake Morey was originally called ...
Lake Hortonia
(Vermont, USA)
679 Lake Hortonia Message Forums Also known as: Hortonia Lake, Horton Pond
Lake Hortonia, in the Crossroads of Vermont Region, inhabits a special place in the history of Vermont and Rutland County. Although the original pond may have been natural, the outlet - a tributary of Hubbardton River - was first dammed in the 1790s. The resulting impoundment became Horton Pond, later ...
Lake Memphremagog
(Quebec, Canada / Vermont, USA)
673 Lake Memphremagog Pictures Also known as: Lac Memphremagog
A perfect reflection of brightly colored mountains among a blue backdrop is cast upon Lake Memphremagog's smooth, motionless surface. A kayaker, sitting peacefully among his surroundings, opens his eyes to watch a rippling motion move across the top of the water. Tales of an underwater serpent called ...
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