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Lake Name Completion year Lake Description
Silver Lake (Cowlitz County)
(Washington, USA)
1971 Silver Lake (Cowlitz County) Pictures Silver Lake (Cowlitz County) Message Forums Silver Lake is a shallow 3,000-acre wetland lake located in southwest Washington. Formed by an early eruption of Mount St. Helens, which permanently dammed Silver Creek and formed the lake, the scenic Silver Lake area now offers an abundance of outdoor activities, including camping, hunting, and fishing. ...
Mayfield Lake
(Washington, USA)
1963 Mayfield Lake Pictures Mayfield Lake Message Forums Mayfield Lake is cradled in the foothills of the Cascades in Lewis County, Washington. This 2,200-acre reservoir is conveniently located close to Mount St. Helens (about 60 miles southeast of the lake), Olympia and the Puget Sound (60 miles northwest), and Vancouver and the Columbia River (90 miles ...
Lake Entiat
(Washington, USA)
1962 Lake Entiat Pictures Lake Entiat Message Forums Also known as: Rocky Reach Reservoir
No trip to the north central part of Washington would be complete without a visit to Lake Entiat and the Rocky Reach Dam. Lake Entiat is a 9,100 acre reservoir that was created in 1962 when the Rocky Reach Dam was completed on the Columbia River in Douglas County. The glass-like waters of the reservoir ...
Lake Sacajawea
(Washington, USA)
1962 Lake Sacajawea Pictures Named after the Shoshone woman, Sacajawea, who was a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition, Lake Sacajawea is located in south-central Washington. Lake Sacajawea, a 32 mile long reservoir behind Ice Harbor Dam, began filling on November 28, 1961 and was completed in April 1962. The Ice Harbor ...
Lake Celilo
(Oregon, USA / Washington, USA)
1957 Lake Celilo Pictures Also known as: Dalles Lock and Dam
Beautiful and serene Lake Celilo is located off of I-84 about an hour and a half east of Portland, Oregon. Lake Celilo stretches 24 miles long and straddles the border of Oregon and Washington. Majestic Mount Hood is visible while looking downstream towards The Dalles. Although most of the shoreline ...
Lake Wallula
(Oregon, USA / Washington, USA)
1954 Lake Wallula, a 64 mile long reservoir, is a wide open glassy lake that extends from northeastern Oregon to southeastern Washington. Lake Wallula received its name from the small town of Wallula, Washington which was flooded when the area began to fill with water in April 1953 after the building of ...
Banks Lake
(Washington, USA)
1951 Banks Lake Pictures Banks Lake Message Forums Banks Lake is a 27 mile equalizing reservoir and part of the Columbia Basin Project, a major water resource project to provide irrigation water to fertile but arid land in central Washington. It was created when two rock-faced, earthfill dams were built at the ends of a large channel sculpted during ...
Quincy Lakes
(Washington, USA)
1950 Quincy Lakes Pictures Quincy Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Quincy Lakes Wildlife Area, Quincy Lake, Evergreen Reservoir, Burke Lake, Stan Coffin Lake, Ancient Lakes
A surreal landscape greets visitors to north-central Washington's Quincy Lakes Wildlife Area. Pothole lakes filled by water seeping through porous lava flows have left a number of small fishing lakes that are wildlife havens in this arid landscape. Nearly a desert, the area gets little rain. Farmers ...
Potholes Reservoir
(Washington, USA)
1949 Potholes Reservoir Pictures Potholes Reservoir was formed by the building of the O'Sullivan Dam which is one of the largest earthfill dams in the United States. The name "pothole" originated due to large depressions in the earth in that area, some as large as 70 yards wide by 60 feet deep, created during the Pleistocene flooding ...
Ross Lake
(British Columbia, Canada / Washington, USA)
1949 Ross Lake Pictures Ross Lake Message Forums Also known as: Ross Reservoir
Spectacular Ross Lake is one of the seldom seen gems in north-central Washington. This fantastic 22-mile long reservoir covers 11,680 acres along the flooded Skagit River Valley. Nestled between high sloping banks and against a backdrop of what are often called the Washington Alps, those who visit here ...
Billy Clapp Lake
(Washington, USA)
1948 Billy Clapp Lake Pictures Billy Clapp Lake Message Forums Located in north central Washington, two miles northeast of Stratford, Billy Clapp Lake offers visitors year round access to its deep blue waters. Billy Clapp Lake is a part of the Columbia Basin Project built by the US Bureau of Reclamation to provide flood protection and irrigation capabilities to ...
Alder Lake
(Washington, USA)
1945 Alder Lake Message Forums Also known as: Alder Reservoir
Vacationers planning to visit Mount Rainer need to fit beautiful Alder Lake into their plans. This reservoir in the Southwest Region of Washington offers over 3000 acres of water fun. The sparsely developed lake stretches over seven miles alongside Highway 7, about 25 miles south of Tacoma, offering ...
Lake Roosevelt
(Washington, USA)
1942 Lake Roosevelt Pictures Also known as: Lake Franklin D. Roosevelt
Lake Roosevelt, located approximately 90 miles northwest of Spokane, Washington, covers 82,000 acres with a shoreline of 630 miles. Lake Roosevelt, also known as Lake Franklin D. Roosevelt, was formed when the Grand Coulee Dam was completed in 1942. As part of Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal ...
Whatcom Lake
(Washington, USA)
1937 Whatcom Lake Pictures Also known as: Lake Whatcom
Whatcom Lake is a 5,000-acre natural lake surrounded by mountainous terrain located in Whatcom County, Washington. Whatcom is from a Nooksack Indian word meaning "noisy water", and was the name of a Nooksack chief. Whatcom Lake provides recreation, flood control, and drinking water to Whatcom County ...
Cle Elum Lake
(Washington, USA)
1933 Cle Elum Lake Pictures Cle Elum Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Cle Elum
Providing much needed water to the dry, fertile soil of north-central Washington, Cle Elum Lake is the largest of four irrigation storage reservoirs in the Yakima River Basin. Originally a small glacial lake, Cle Elum Lake lies seven miles northwest of the community of Cle Elum in Kittitas County. An ...
Lake Cushman
(Washington, USA)
1930 Lake Cushman Pictures Lake Cushman Message Forums Nestled in the foothills of the majestic Olympic Mountains, Lake Cushman is known for its clear, blue water and alpine beauty. With 23 miles of shoreline, visitors can enjoy all kinds of outdoor recreation fun at this 4,000-acre lake including fishing, boating, water skiing, swimming, canoeing, bird ...
Waitts Lake
(Washington, USA)
1928 Waitts Lake Message Forums Set against the tree-clad mountain backdrop of Northeast Washington, Waitts Lake is a beautiful destination for the whole family. Surrounded by national forest, a wildlife refuge, and some of Washington's prettiest scenery, it is sure to become a favorite with anyone who loves the outdoors. Waitts ...
Lake Osoyoos
(British Columbia, Canada / Washington, USA)
1927 Lake Osoyoos Pictures Lake Osoyoos Message Forums Also known as: Osoyoos Lake
Lake Osoyoos spans more than 5,700 acres and straddles the border of British Columbia, Canada and Washington state in the United States. The Okanagan River flows into Lake Osoyoos in a semi-arid region of British Columbia known as Desert Wine Country. This region has very low annual rainfall and some ...
Keechelus Lake
(Washington, USA)
1917 Keechelus Lake Pictures Keechelus Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Keechelus, Keechelus Reservoir
It is a picture postcard - snow capped mountains mirrored back in clean, clear, mountain water. Set against the backdrop of Washington's Cascade Mountains, Keechelus Lake is a picture come to life. With 2,560 acres of water to fish, boat or explore, Lake Keechelus has more than enough room for everyone. ...
Lake Spokane
(Washington, USA)
1915 Lake Spokane Pictures Also known as: Long Lake
Lake Spokane, a 24 mile long reservoir, is so named because of its close proximity to Spokane, Washington. However, some people call it Long Lake, after its dam, Long Lake Dam. The dam was built in a spot where the Spokane River makes a complete horseshoe bend and was completed in 1915. At that time ...
Kachess Lake
(Washington, USA)
1912 Kachess Lake Pictures Kachess Lake Message Forums "Kachess" means "more fish," a name that aptly describes Lake Kachess in North Central region of Washington. The lake is full of fish, and anglers can pit themselves against the rainbow and cutthroat trout and wrestle the landlocked kokanee salmon. The fishing, however, is not the only thing that ...
Bumping Lake
(Washington, USA)
1910 Bumping Lake Pictures Bumping Lake Message Forums Also known as: Bumping Reservoir
Lying near the shadow of Mt. Rainier, Bumping Lake is the first of six reservoirs owned and operated by the Bureau of Reclamation. Part of the Yakima Project, these reservoirs store water to irrigate the fertile land in south-central Washington. Bumping Lake Dam impounds an original natural glacial ...


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