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West Lakes A-Z

West Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Name Lake Summary
Cagles Mill Lake Cagles Mill Lake Pictures Also known as: Cagles Mill Reservoir, Cataract Lake
Cagles Mill Lake, also known as Cagles Mill Reservoir and Cataract Lake, is located half in Lieber State Recreation Area and half in Cataract Falls State ...
Cecil M. Harden Lake Also known as: Raccoon Lake
Located in west central Indiana, the Cecil M. Harden Lake is a naturalist's delight and lies largely in Parke County and extends into Putnam County. ...
Lake Freeman Lake Freeman Pictures Nestled in the northern Indiana, Lake Freeman is one of two man-made lakes located just outside of Monticello. With the creation of the Lake Freeman ...
Lake Shafer Lake Shafer Pictures Lake Shafer is the summer destination of many Indiana families. Located just outside of Monticello, Indiana, Lake Shafer is one of two man-made lakes ...
Lake Waveland Lake Waveland Pictures Nestled in the southwest corner of Montgomery County sits Lake Waveland, one of the county's greatest assets. The 360-acre lake is bordered by 248-acre ...
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