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West Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Name Lake Summary
Carroll County Thousand Acre Recreation Lake Carroll County Thousand Acre Recreation Lake Pictures Also known as: Carroll County 1000 Acre Recreation Lake
The Carroll County Thousand Acre Recreation Lake is the newest addition to water-based fun in West Tennessee. This brand-new lake opened for the first ...
Eagle Lake Located in the southern end of the Meeman-Shelby State Park near Memphis, Tennessee, Eagle Lake is a secluded and shallow lake surrounded by a stunning ...
Horn Lake Also known as: "Lakeview"
The Mississippi River has been flowing across North American for hundreds of thousands of years. Over time, however, its course changes or adjusts, sometimes ...
Kentucky Lake Kentucky Lake Pictures Kentucky Lake is the largest man-made lake east of the Mississippi when measured by surface acres at "full pond," the normal water level: 184 miles long, ...
Pickwick Lake Pickwick Lake Pictures Also known as: Pickwick Reservoir
Pickwick Lake is a 43,100-acre reservoir created by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) with construction of Pickwick Landing Dam across the Tennessee ...
Reelfoot Lake Reelfoot Lake Pictures Reelfoot Lake makes its home in northwestern Tennessee and extends into southern Kentucky. The lake is young: popular history says that after the New ...
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