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Fateh Sagar Fateh Sagar Pictures A shining jewel in the crown of lakes surrounding the Rajasthan city of Udaipur is Fateh Sagar. This 988-acre artificial lake serves as a water supply ...
Holy Lakes of India Holy Lakes of India Pictures Also known as: Panch-Sarovar, Pushkar Sarovar, Narayan Sarovar, Pampa Sarovar, Nainital Sarovar, Bindu Sarovar, Manasarovar
India is filled with holy places to the pious Hindu. Many of the most important are holy lakes to which pilgrimages are made to cleanse the sins of believers ...
Jaisamand Lake Jaisamand Lake Pictures Also known as: Dhebar Lake, Dhevar Lake
One of India's largest artificial lakes, Jaisamand Lake was created in 1685 when Rana Jai Singh of Udaipur built a marble dam across the Gomati River. ...
Lake Pichola Lake Pichola Pictures A watery surprise awaits visitors to Udaipur in India's semi-arid Rajasthan region: beautiful Lake Pichola. The first of a series of man-made lakes, Lake ...
Lonar Crater Lake Lonar Crater Lake Pictures Lonar Crater Lake is one of those mysteries of ancient India that is little-known among the country's burgeoning tourism crowd. The saline crater lake ...
Man Sagar Lake Man Sagar Lake Pictures One of the modern wonders of lake restoration, Man Sagar Lake has been rejuvenated. The ongoing question is, will the newly-refurbished lake remain pristine ...
Pushkar Lake Pushkar Lake Pictures Also known as: Pushkar Sarovar
Pushkar Lake is one of the most sacred lakes in India. Located in the Rajasthan state of western India, Pushkar Lake has been declared a heritage monument ...
Rajsamand Lake Rajsamand Lake Pictures Also known as: Rajsamudra Lake
One of the famed 'Lakes of Udaipur', Rajsamand Lake lies 40 miles north of the City of Udaipur. The Udaipur region of Rajasthan was once known as Mewar, ...
Udai Sagar One of beautiful Udaipur's famous man-made lakes, Udai Sagar is likely one of the least visited by tourists. Udaipur, in the Mewar region of the Indian ...
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