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Wildcat Lake, Washington, USA

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Map: Wildcat Lake, Washington, USA

Wildcat Lake can be found in the state of Washington's Seattle and Puget Sound tourism region. It has a surface area of 120 acres and an average depth of 18 feet. This unusually crystal clear body of water drains into Dyes Inlet by way of Wildcat Creek. With a shoreline length of 2.2 miles, the lake's maximum depth is 33 feet. Although small in size, Wildcat Lake is big in recreational offerings.

Swimming and sailing are a few of Wildcat Lake's top-notch outdoor activities. Boating is permitted, so long as the seven mile per hour speed limit is observed. Anglers tend to have great success fishing for Coho salmon, brown bullhead, cutthroat trout, largemouth and rainbow bass in these waters. Trolling for trout is recommended during the summer, as is scouring the lily pads for largemouth bass. Using floating minnow lures and long casts are two methods of enhancing your chances of catching the lake's largest and most elusive specimens (although a strict catch-and-release policy is in place for fish between 12 and 17 inches long). Real estate properties and vacation rentals are available in the area.

There is no better way to spend a sunny afternoon than at Wildcat Lake County Park. These 11 acres provide basketball courts, restrooms, picnic tables, volleyball courts, and a public beach for swimming or sunbathing. The park is closed during the winter, from October 1-March 31. Hiking fanatics can't get enough of the nearby Wildcat Trail, which runs for 13.5 miles through Green Mountain; motorcycling and horseback riding is also permitted on the path.

Wildcat Lake is one of the 101 lakes that fall under Kitsap County's jurisdiction. Its closest neighbor is Lake Kitsap, a pristine body of water found a few miles southeast. This 250-acre lake offers many recreational options, like boating, fishing and hiking. Its most popular trails include the Clear Creek Bike Trail and the Mosquito Fleet Trail, which combined provide over 100 miles of bumpy terrain. Birdwatching is also a blast at Kitsap Lake, as a bald eagle monitoring program is in place to help proliferate this majestic species.

West of Wildcat Lake and across the Puget Sound lies the Olympic National Forest - and you'll only need ten minutes inside this park to find out why Washington is known as the Evergreen State. The forest embodies an astounding 633,677 acres, spanning four counties and five landscapes: rainforest, beach, lowland lake, mountain range and river. Established as a reserve in 1897, most of these lands have been protected for well over a century. More than 270 miles of trails afford chances to spot at least six threatened and endangered species - including the northern spotted owl, bald eagle, bull trout, marbled murrelet, and two species of salmon.

Roughly six miles southeast of Wildcat Lake lies the City of Bremerton, home to the annual September Blackberry Festival. The Kitsap Historical Museum, the Bremerton Naval Museum and the Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum are just a handful unique area attractions open year-round. Scuba diving with shipwrecks in the Puget Sound, or white water rafting the Big Quilcene River are just a couple of ideas for thrilling day trips.

The convenient Bremerton National Airport makes traveling to and from Wildcat Lake a breeze. With so much variety, a visit to Wildcat Lake is bursting with the potential to become the trip of a lifetime - an adventure you'll never forget.

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