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Wygonin Lake, Pomerania, Poland

Also known as: Jezioro Wygonin

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Map: Wygonin Lake, Pomerania, Poland

Wygonin Lake is set in the quiet, unpopulated portion of northern Poland's Pomerania region, where visitors come for a soothing retreat. It is easy to become well-acquainted with the 158-acre lake, whose clear waters entice visitors to explore its depths, either through swimming and snorkeling or fishing and boating. Exploring this area throughout the year will unveil something new with every visit.

Wygonin Lake's shoreline is set within the northern section of Tuchola Forest, which is Poland's second largest forest. A number of varying environments await discovery within the 793,000 acres of the forest, from densely-wooded areas to open, golden meadows. Hike throughout the areas, check out different lakes, or kayak down two of the main rivers in the region. Roughly 12,000 acres are devoted to the Bory Tucholskie National Park, giving locals and visitors the opportunity to become spellbound within this beautifully protected wilderness area.

Those sticking close to Wygonin Lake need not travel far to seek out wildlife, however. With a length of 7,217 feet and a width of 1,640 feet, the lake's shoreline offers up natural habitat for waterbirds and other wildlife species. Herons, white and black storks, wood grouses, eagles and cranes all frequent the area -- just be sure to paddle your canoe or kayak quietly when seeking out these magnificent birds. Stealthily making their way through the less traveled portions of the forests surrounding the lake are boars, foxes, deer, polecats and badgers.

For those anglers interested in what's below Wygonin Lake's surface will not be disappointed. This brilliantly clear lake has a maximum depth of 81 feet and is teeming with fish species. Cast out your fishing line in Poland's crisp early morning to try and snag house carp, pike, perch, bream, tench and trout. Anglers have the opportunity to fish from various locations along the shoreline, or they may enter the lake from the boat launch. Many anglers come for the carp, whose weight can exceed 44 pounds. Ice fishing is also an option, though rainbow trout and sea trout come to the surface once the ice has melted in the spring.

A day's activities spent on or around Wygonin Lake could include anything from hiking along nearby trails and reading a book along the shoreline to exploring the lake in a kayak, picking mushrooms in the nearby forest, or simply relaxing in a lakeside vacation cabin. If that's not enough to satisfy, hop over to explore the picturesque tiny town of Wygonin to the west of the lake. For a busier evening, check out the town of Kozarzyny a few miles to the northwest. Here is where locals dance and celebrate harvest festivals and a deep sense of history, all throughout the year.

Wygonin Lake offers a modern, enjoyable retreat in an area full of surprises. Downhill skiing areas abound in the winter, as do other unique activities throughout the year. In the town of Odry, roughly an hour's drive southeast, are ancient stone circles, where large stones were placed in a circular pattern during Gothic times. This was thought to have been done for burials. An hour's drive northeast will put you at Poland's one and only upside-down house. Created by a Polish businessman, the house was built with its roof on the ground and its basement facing the sky. A visit to this unusual attraction will give you something to talk about when you return to your own home. Discover all of unique opportunities Wygonin Lake has to offer -- you won't regret it.

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